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Everybody knows Velcro tape. Its tried and tested in many areas. A new area is the use as a mechanical fastening for bitumen membranes used in roofing.

The principle is quite simple: hook tape strips are rolled out parallelly and mounted to the surface using roofing screws. Afterwards, the sealing membrane easyklett® is rolled and pressed onto the tape. Finally the overlays are simply closed using a hot air device.


Cutting out and the bigger number of joints of conventional single-ply bitumen systems is very time-consuming. Time you win employing easyklett®, thanks to fewer working steps.

The variable arrangement and the quicker fixing of hook tape in contrast to fastening at the border of a strip saves application time.


With easyklett® retrofit of new parts like ventilations or light domes is easy. The detachable connection between felt and hook tape even allows sandwich constructions – another bonus of a well thought-out, safe sealing system.
And: the option to create a conventional connection to the bituminous cap layer using a welding strip remains for decades, thanks to the high quality compounds.